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Making people laugh

We'd be lying if we told you when we're approached to create a product video with humor, we don't get extremely excited! That's exactly what happened with Walkabout John. What is Walkabout John anyways? Well, it's a tote bag designed to hold your dog's poop while your walking it. WHAT??!!! You mean we get to create a video that revolves around dog poop? It's already funny and we haven't even written the first word of script yet!


This project started with a couple of sessions of discovery, where we were able to identify the goals of the client for the video. After hours of brainstorming the idea was born! But we knew this idea was only going to be good if we found the right talent. After an extensive casting process, we found our gal. Loosely based off Reese Witherspoons character Elle from "Legally Blonde," our talent, "India," brought it all together and in the end producing one of our current faves. Walkabout John is currently being sold online, in selected retail pet stores, as well as being used as marketing collateral in vet offices throughout the south.

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