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VidprezTM is a NEW solution for your next BIG presentation. With animated text, motion

graphics, and  professional Voice Over, VidprezTM (short for video presentation) gives you a

"leg-up" on your competition. While most people are trying to get new business with old, boring methods (like PowerPoint), you can dazzle your potential clients with a more exciting demonstration that brings your message to life! Contact us today and let us show you how easy it is to get started on your next successful presentation with VidprezTM!

Why is this better than power point?

"PowerPoint is actually designed to help you fail. Copy and paste the same slide changing the information and adding as many different and disjointed points as you have time to. In the space under the title the main text is presented in a devilishly effective fast track to failure called the “bullet point”.


PowerPoint helps you to automatically create “bullet points” every time you hit enter to add new information. These so-called “bullet points” are useful tools in minimizing the retention rate through a process which lulls your audience into a state of hypnosis where you may see their eyes stay open but you can be sure at almost 100% that they aren’t retaining a single thing. Failure!


Scientific tests have shown listeners have even managed to go into deep sleep cycles during presentations combining both bullet points and clip art which have failed spectacularly. Scientific tests!"

Credit: Timothy Coote, Coote Libeau

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