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Making people scream

Ok, so sometimes we've got to put people in situations outside their comfort zone to get the right shot so the viewer can experience the moment. It’s always great to be able to spread our creative wings and produce a national commercial; especially one we can have so much fun with, like tourism. Capital City Lake Murray Country, the largest recreational lake area in SC, needed a brand new 30 second TV spot that would capture the variety of attractions, dining, history and water activities in this four-county region. The first question we posed to ourselves was - "How do we give the viewer the experience without ever being there?"  We knew the variety of activities would provide the footage we needed but the decision to create original exciting music was the key that brought it all together. AIS co-wrote and produced the song "Come Alive" and then based our storyboard after it. With creative "lead-in" transitions and colorfully animated visuals, AIS successfully went beyond the client's expectations. In the end, Capital City Lake Murray Country's Spot received the highest viewership in South Carolina beating out both the State and Charleston's tourism spots. The longer Web version increased their social media viewership by 230 percent!

30 sec tv spot

full length web spot

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