Are TV Commercials Still Effective?

TV ads. I have a love/hate relationship here. Sure, they can be hilarious as well as emotional, but they can also be interrupting and annoying at times. With that said, I feel I have a pretty unique perspective about this beast. You see, I grew up around advertising. No, I don’t mean growing up watching TV spots like “where’s the beef” or “time to make the donuts” – I mean I grew up in an ad agency. My parents ran a successful Advertising & Public Relations firm in Atlanta for almost 30 years. I can remember the excitement as a kid running around the crazy environment of their office. Print ads being pieced together. Storyboards being drawn. Ideas all over the walls. And of course, funny, quirky people that all gave me different nicknames. It was pretty cool thing to witness at a young age – especially since my folks were the bosses. 🙂

Nowadays, I also work in “the biz” – so to speak. I don’t own a typical or traditional ad agency, but since we write and produce TV spots (and other forms of video content), I figured I’d talk about commercials for a second.

Commercials are expensive. As you know, commercials not only take a ton of time and money to produce, they can take a huge amount of dollars to air on TV. So, with companies spending anywhere from $100k to over a million to advertise their product, my question is, “Is it working?” I mean, are TV spots still effective like they used to be in the world we live in today? My answer is…maybe.

With YouTube still holding the #2 spot for web searches, there’s no doubt that people are watching online videos more and more every day, which would make me believe that TV is almost out the door. But believe it or not according to, the best way for advertisers to reach Baby Boomers is still TELEVISION. In fact TV ranks at 59% of total media platforms like; social, print, digital, etc. for the Boomers. I believe that my generation, Gen X, is probably still influenced by TV as well, as the average adult ages 35 and up watches an average of 33 hours of television a week.

Now, for sheer entertainment, maybe TV commercials are effective to the newer generations, but I think advertisers need to realize that if they’re going to make the most out of their television advertising bucks, they need to rethink the market that they are targeting and really consider the data out there. And from what I’ve seen, most commercials these days are not speaking to their most valuable demographic. Just saying.

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