Judge not but realize you’re being judged.

Brand judgement


How do you want your brand to be perceived?

I recently changed my glasses from a nearly invisible silhouette frame to a more noticeable black frame. My prescription had changed and I was ready for a change as well. When I walked down my make believe runway at residence to model them for my friends, I received such comments as “you look so smart” and “now you look studious”. It made me wonder how I “looked” before.

It got me thinking. How are our appearances and more importantly our actions causing others to think of us, even before knowing us?

As I go about my life and experience what I call “growth”, I will let my attitude, new found knowledge and understanding factor into how I’m judged. I encourage you to have the same approach when it comes to how your brand is perceived.

Reputation Management

reputation management
Pit bulls are perceived as a vicious breed

Social media can be an incredible tool for building your business. We all remember the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge in the summer of 2014. The challenge generated over $100 million in donations in a single month. To put that into perspective, the organization took in $2.5 million for all of the previous year. Another lesser known success story comes from Fiskars. The company best known for making scissors and other craft tools created “Fiskateers” a brand ambassador community program to help build brand loyalty. This initiative cut into their competition (pun intended) by increasing online mentions, increasing sales and creating relationships between Fiskars and its customers. You can see the success story here.

The downside of social media is that anyone can say anything about your brand. Many companies are proactive by utilizing a reputation management service to share positive information with the public. This approach can prove invaluable when defending against a jaded competitor, disgruntled employee or resentful ex-wife.

Atlanta Idea Studio can assist with creating a reputation management strategy and also with the corresponding media to propel it.