Judge not but realize you’re being judged.

Brand judgement


How do you want your brand to be perceived?

I recently changed my glasses from a nearly invisible silhouette frame to a more noticeable black frame. My prescription had changed and I was ready for a change as well. When I walked down my make believe runway at residence to model them for my friends, I received such comments as “you look so smart” and “now you look studious”. It made me wonder how I “looked” before.

It got me thinking. How are our appearances and more importantly our actions causing others to think of us, even before knowing us?

As I go about my life and experience what I call “growth”, I will let my attitude, new found knowledge and understanding factor into how I’m judged. I encourage you to have the same approach when it comes to how your brand is perceived.



I was looking through a box of older electronics in my hoarding room and came across packaging for my mobile wallet SIM card. I shook my head thinking about how forces beyond our control can sour the brands we create. In this case, ISIS, rebranded to Softcard.

“It can be expected that the costs associated with this rebranding process will be significant,”said Jordan McKee, senior analyst, mobile marketing and  commerce strategies, with Boston-based Yankee Group. “Walk into any AT&T, Verizon or T-Mobile store today and take note of the Isis branding, then multiply that across all locations. It will be no small cost to transition to a new brand.

There are other reasons to consider rebranding. Rebranding can give your company a fresh start with a new strategic focus. Every virtual and tangible asset created is an opportunity to connect with your clients and remind them who you are and what you stand for.

If you would be interested in speaking with us about creating a brand or rebranding your company to signal the shift to a strategic focus, give us a ring. I wear size 10.