Why Dollar Shave Club got it right!

When it comes to shareable or “Viral” type videos, most of us have one or two faves in mind. You know those that leave some kind of lasting impression on you…for at least a day or two. Whether good or bad, funny or sad, some kind of emotion is triggered and you want to share what you’ve seen with your social peeps. Personally, I tend to lean towards the humorous ones, and one of my all time favorites is the Dollar Shave Club spot. Unless you live under a rock and don’t own a computer, you know exactly what I’m talking about! I know…why am I’m writing about something that went viral a few years ago? Well, because when it comes to going from script to production and on a tight budget, these guys got it right!

So why did Dollar Shave Club get it right? First off, founders Michael Dubin and Mark Levine saw a need and created a solution. I don’t want to get caught up with why this is so important when developing a product, and then taking it to market – but still it’s an important fact. So let’s really dive into everything from script to final product. With savvy marketing wit, Dubin created a script that is humorous and fluid from beginning to end. With a budget of only $4500 (from our findings), Dubin had to be creative in the “how, where, and who” of the overall production budget.

1. When you are producing a video you always have to consider the creative or idea which becomes a script. This can cost thousands of dollars from an ad agency or creative production company. In this case here’s a guy that could already write comedy. Lots of money saved right of the bat!

2. Taking script to video means you need a production company or at least a good videographer to film it. Not only someone to shoot, but also someone to direct is just as important. Finding the two in one will save you some $$ for sure! If you’re not experienced behind a camera…do not attempt. There’s a reason why Dollar Shave Club’s spot looks professional. Dubin hired a friend named Lucia Aniello, who he had studied improv comedy with in New York, to direct. She did it for next to nothing Dubin says in an interview with Fortune. More money saved.

3. Making himself the talent was huge when it came to getting it right for this video. Not only was Dubin trained in improv comedy, his confident character and tone proved to be perfect for the script and in the end saved them hundreds if not a couple of thousand dollars in talent costs.

4. Location was extremely smart and strategic in this case. Some people may not think about this, but having multiple locations (especially anything outside) can make or break a budget. Why? It’s not necessarily the rental costs involved – however this is true, but just moving from one location to another and setting up takes a lot of unexpected time. Sometimes a one day shoot turns into two or three because of multiple locations. With DSC, they staged everything in a warehouse. Brilliant! You don’t have to worry about the weather and everything can be controlled in this type of environment. Plus it gave a “home” image to where your razors are coming from.

5. The last point I’m going to make is attention to details. When I watch this video, there are so many small things going on in the background that makes this hilarious! I’d say it’s things like seeing a toddler shaving a man’s head while Mike says “It’s so gentle a toddler can use it.” Or even the opening scene where Mike has all the random crappy products in packages on the wall behind him. In this controlled environment Dubin could add in humor by reinforcing it with an object(s) on the wall or background. Genius.

So am I telling you for only $4500 you can create a video that will launch your product to a whole new level and make you a millionaire? Chances are…no. Sorry. BUT if you take tips from the Dollar Shave Club you might be able produce a marketing video that ends up doing you and your business a lot more good than bad and shaves you in dollars!

If you have interest in creating your own product video, drop me an email at todd@atlantaideastudio.com



I was looking through a box of older electronics in my hoarding room and came across packaging for my mobile wallet SIM card. I shook my head thinking about how forces beyond our control can sour the brands we create. In this case, ISIS, rebranded to Softcard.

“It can be expected that the costs associated with this rebranding process will be significant,”said Jordan McKee, senior analyst, mobile marketing and  commerce strategies, with Boston-based Yankee Group. “Walk into any AT&T, Verizon or T-Mobile store today and take note of the Isis branding, then multiply that across all locations. It will be no small cost to transition to a new brand.

There are other reasons to consider rebranding. Rebranding can give your company a fresh start with a new strategic focus. Every virtual and tangible asset created is an opportunity to connect with your clients and remind them who you are and what you stand for.

If you would be interested in speaking with us about creating a brand or rebranding your company to signal the shift to a strategic focus, give us a ring. I wear size 10.


It just happened again. Someone sent you a viral video of the “next greatest product” and you think to yourself, “I should’ve thought of that!” OR “I’ve got good ideas. Why don’t I create a product and sell it online?” Right? So you start daydreaming about that “next great thing” and suddenly you think of it! Yep, your Golden Goose! So maybe you have some money put aside and you decide to actually produce your thingamabob and try to take it to market. You’ve asked friends and family, maybe a random stranger here or there what they think – and you get nothing but positive feedback. And now your like, “let’s make some dough!” but how? Oh I know, you’re going to sell it on your website, because that’s where people are buying these days….on the internet. You remember seeing an ad on TV or maybe on YouTube of a web company that you can build your own site because it’s so easy! That’s it! “If I build it, they will come….and they will buy! Buy! Buy!” So you spend the next few nights up late figuring out how to use the design platform within your template site. Great. “Looks good enough to me!” you think to yourself. “Now what I need is one of those ultra memorable, viral videos to spread the word and sell my thingamabob. So this might actually feel a little out of your comfort zone and you think, “I’m not sure I can come up with something shareable or even know how to produce a great video in general.” You do a quick Google search for marketing video production company, and based on the look of their site, and their work….you make a decision. Now, let me just say we all get crazy ideas from time to time. Even if you’re not the most creative person in the world you still think of ideas. It’s fun and it’s just a part of being a human being. But I want you to look at the last statement in the previous paragraph. “…and based on the look of their site, and their work….you make a decision.” I realize that you should never judge a book by it’s cover, but I do. Most of us do. So what’s my point? The point is if you’re willing to put in your VALUABLE time, and your VALUABLE money, into your VALUABLE idea, why would try to attempt to do something you know nothing about? Meaning, you’re a professional something, and certainly you wouldn’t expect someone who knows nothing about your line of work to come in and do it the right way…correct?

I know this sounds like I’m bashing and trying to take away your fun, but really and truly in the end if you want to sell your thingamabob, and save money in the long run, seek professional marketing, design, and production help. We’ve seen too many times the same scenario, and products fail because they try to cut corners and do everything themselves. If you hire a professional to produce your videos, then why wouldn’t you hire someone to create a professional looking website?

So what is the importance of a good website as it relates to video anyway? Well for one, your website is your “home base” so to speak. What’s the point of hiring a creative video production company to produce a stellar video if it ultimately sends potential buyers to a website that looks like it’s from 1997?! If you want your thingamabob to shine for all to see, then put it on a gorgeous home that helps make it look even better. We’ve had an experience with a client one time where they were ready to spend thousands of dollars on a video and outdoor advertising, but their site was dated and not functioning correctly. Buttons were sending viewers to wrong places and, their Donate Now button didn’t even go anywhere! For a non-profit this is huge, because how are people gonna donate to the cause??! Again, a decision to let someone internally (who didn’t know anything about web design/development) have free reign in the end cost more money.


Product Video Production


Atlanta Idea Studio produces product videos
Atlanta Idea Studio produces product videos

Some of the most enjoyable types of projects to work on are product videos. Recently, a client came to us after creating a prototype of his product and wanted a video that he could use to market it. He wanted the video to be humorous and memorable but also wanted to allow the viewer see the features and functions of his creation. After a few weeks of brainstorming and market research, we came up with a concept that we couldn’t stop laughing about.

If you have a product or service that you’d like to gain more exposure for, video may be your answer. We work with you to understand your goals and produce a piece within your budget that is sure to generate a buzz around your brand.