Always Be Testing

split testing

A component of your business that is often overlooked is optimization. Just what is optimization? I think of it as part marketing, part design and part science. Typically, we use our first best guess to create. This goes for webpages, infographics, videos, product packaging – the list goes on. Our first best guess is based upon the due diligence that is conducted during the preproduction period of our projects. This may involve elements from a situational awareness profile, client surveys, cold hard data as well as our gumption.

Once a project has been launched we immediately begin compiling data. This can be measured through various analytics software, customer comments, and of course performance. A mistake that is made all too often is stopping here. We work to educate our clients about this being the beginning, not the end.

By testing various elements and monitoring performance, then making appropriate modifications based upon data, we are successfully split testing. Split testing can be a powerful mechanism to increase leads,sales and the overall effectiveness of your communication.

If you’d be interested in learning more about improving any of your digital assets, we’d be glad to discuss. Operators are standing by…unless they’re sleeping.

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